Addicted to Nothing

Addiction is a strange thing.

People get addicted to things I simply can’t understand at all. Alcohol is one of the hardest for me to understand. If I drink more than a couple of beers, I feel sick. Hangovers are miserable. The buzz is temporary and it’s very easy to go one past buzzed to dizzy and nauseated. How do you get addicted to something only marginally fun and almost inevitably sickening?

I have known PLENTY of people who drank a lot on a daily basis, and every morning they spent hugging the toilet. How is this fun, let alone addictive? The only way to remotely make this work is to build up your tolerance and stay drunk 24/7. I realize that some people actually do that, but most people just drink and get sick. It makes zero sense to me. Do you really need to be buzzed to feel like you are having fun? How lame are you if that’s the case?!

People get addicted to drugs. Ignoring for the moment that it means you are breaking the law and have to constantly worry about being busted, what is so fun about being out of it? It’s not as if drugs are an unknown. It’s common knowledge that they have terrible health consequences and that they’re highly addictive. So what idioted moron starts in the first place? Are you so insecure and pathetic that when someone offers you something illegal you HAVE to try it so you can fit in?

People get addicted to prescription drugs. Again. Do you not know that it’s a bad idea to take tons of Valium?

People get addicted to overeating. I can understand eating too much. I do it. Sometimes. But the thing is, if I eat too much, I feel lousy. I’m pretty sure that applies to everyone. Our bodies weren’t designed to handle excessive food. So when we eat too much, we get tummy aches, heartburn, chest pain, and other assorted unpleasantness. So why do so many people do it on a daily basis? I don’t understand the concept of doing things that make you feel lousy.

Smoking is another really stupid addiction. For about 100 years, cigarettes have been known as “coffin nails.” People knew they were dangerous LONG before the gubment started putting warning labels on them. It’s actually not difficult to make the connection that sucking smoke into your lungs is a bad idea. We know it causes lung cancer, emphysema, throat and mouth cancer… kids are indoctrinated that it’s bad for them, yet tons of people still smoke, and still start smoking. WHY?! It’s not even considered “cool” anymore!! What the hell are you thinking?!

Chemical addictions like these have physical components as well as psychological. If we let our bodies become used to a chemical, it gets angry when we try to withhold it. But that doesn’t negate my question of “why start in the first place?!”

Recently someone offered me pot. Now, I like to think that I’m “above the influence” not just on drugs, but on all peer pressure. But more importantly, I’m not a stupid idiot. Why would I start doing something at the ripe old age of 30 that I managed to say no to when I was 16? People say “oh Incredipete, you can’t get addicted to pot.” So I guess that explains all the burned out potheads around the world? I don’t believe for a second that they just do it because they like it. They are addicted.

I was addicted to caffeine. Badly. It’s perfectly legal, it’s only marginally dangerous. However, I quit anyway. Why? Because I don’t want to be a slave to anything. I don’t want to live my life “having to have something.” Since I quit, I’ve noticed that I’m much less jittery, and I’m able to focus better. I also sleep better and my heart doesn’t race anymore. Hmmm.

So I guess what I’m saying is… if you have an addiction that makes you feel less than 100% healthy, you should think about why you keep doing it. I’m not asking you to quit… just understand the underlying reasons for your addiction. If you know WHY you do it and know the risks and still want to keep doing it, then by all means, go for it.

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  1. April 2, 2009 at 10:41 am

    The addiction to food isn’t just the quantity, it’s the quality of the food. You can eat just three meals a day but if each meal is fast food and full of fat and extra calories you’re in for an early heart attack. There’s also the mindless snacking which is what I’m guilty of. If I’d switch my snacks from chips to carrot sticks it would make a difference.

    That’s why I quit drinking, it was getting too stupid waking up with a hang over. Where’s the fun in that?

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