I’ve spent much of the last week laughing at Obama’s marketing blitz. It’s as if he is still campaigning. Maybe it’s because his numbers are slipping? Anyhow, the comment about special olympics on Leno was priceless, especially after the ACTUAL special olympics bowling kid (whose average is 266) challenged him to a match.

And of course tonight he was on 60 Minutes, and on Tuesday the selfish jerk is preempting American Idol. Does he think we actually care? Can’t we simply judge him on his accomplishments? Oh, and then there was that ridiculous “Presidential Bracket” fiasco last week. As coach K said so aptly, “doesn’t he have bigger things to worry about?”

Oh, I forgot, there haven’t been any of those yet…

I really thought once the 3 year campaign from hell was over, I wouldn’t have to deal with anymore of this Celebu-Prez crap. Doesn’t he have more important things to worry about than improving his ratings? Like… say the economy, the wars, socializing everything, and using tax dollars to fund abortions…

I will say, however, that if he does an appearance on Wifeswap, I’ll definitely watch, but other than that and the State of the Union, I’d prefer to just watch my regular programming, thanks.

Oh, and one more thing… Jenna wants me to write that the inventor of the bra and the societal forces that have kept them in vogue all suck royally. I have to agree.

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  1. BJD
    March 22, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    When 100 percent of your experience is campaigning, this is what you get – a big stupid head (of state). Looking forward to seeing him on Dancing with the Stars.

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