Die Squirrel, Die!

I am far too tired to come up with a cogent entry for today. I’ve spent a second day painting, and I’m definitely over it.

The weekend is almost over, and I haven’t managed to do a single fun thing so far, and it’s not looking good for the conclusion of the day, either.

Abby had a good day, as she finally managed to kill a squirrel for the first time ever. She has a natural disadvantage, because the squirrels can go through or over the fence, while once they get to the fence, Abby has to stop. The squirrel made the mistake of hanging out on our deck, and I let the dogs out. Abby chased the squirrel down the steps, and the squirrel inexplicable didn’t run UP the house or towards the fence, but instead doubled back and took a flying leap over my air conditioner. Abby followed stride for stride, and took her own leap, catching the squirrel between her teeth in mid-air. I heard the squirrel squeak, and I knew Abby had been victorious.

She proudly ran to the middle of the yard, tossed the squirrel on the ground, and stood over it, watching it spasm and twitch. After a minute of watching and gloating, she reached down and chomped it again, putting the squirrel out of it’s misery. I let Abby stand there and be proud for a minute (praising her, of course), and then got a stick to dispose of the corpse.

I gave Abby a special treat for her reward, since I HATE the squirrels that are infesting my house, and I wish Abby was small enough to put in their hole. I’ll just have to let her take them out one at a time.

I’m sure I’ll have something either interesting, enlightening, or cynical for tomorrow. (or some combination)

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  1. November 26, 2006 at 4:44 pm

    Good girl Abby! My sure-fire way to get rid of the squirrels? Dynamite!!!

  2. Wen
    November 26, 2006 at 5:05 pm

    Hey, where’s that picture of you in the scarf?

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