2010 Christmas Letter

And yet another year is in the books. It’s Christmas once again and for some reason, this year seemed to fly by faster than any previous year. Here we go: January started like any other January… cold, dreary, and completely boring. Except for the surgery. As most of you know, in 2009 a “orthopedist” broke my wrist “on accident” which left bone fragments that were tearing everything up in there. My new orthopedist decided I needed surgery to take out the bone and damaged cartilage. They let me to it under a “beer block” (which despite the name does not involve alcohol) which is basically a local where they numb your arm. I got to watch my arthroscopic procedure live and in person. A bit freaky, but very cool.

This brought February, which was still cold and dreary.

March was filled with… a complete blank. Must not have been important.

April, however, brought my least favorite part of the year… the part where I take all of my income from the previous year and send it to Obama to spend on putting a chicken in every pot. After being relieved of $23,000 (that’s in addition to the withholding from my paycheck), I realized I needed to ramp up IHS even more or risk having to start selling adult services on Craigslist.

Sadly, in May, Craigslist closed their adult services section, meaning my only option was to ramp up IHS. So I started pimping my web ninja skills and adding new services. That led to a flood of new business (which will undoubtedly result in the Feds taking even more money next April).

In June, a bad call stole a perfect game which made me much madder than it should have. That’s literally the only notable thing that happened in June. June sucks.

July brought our annual family vacation, and this year we went to scenic San Diego which was 20 degrees colder than normal and was completely overrun with purple jellyfish. Needless to say, I went swimming anyhow in spite of the 40 degree water and overwhelming risk of stings.

August was idiotedly hot in Kansas City, and I spent the entire month sweating in the fetal position.

October was fairly uneventful except for our worship leader’s announcement that he’d be leaving at the end of November. He was the reason I had started attending the church, so I considered my options and ultimately decided I liked the church even without him. I told the pastor and soon found out he wanted a team to take over the job, so he asked me and two other folks.

November was spent being understudies for the worship leader, getting reacquainted with my piano, picking songs, going to practices and trying to learn the ropes.

In December, me and the team officially took over the music at the church. Naturally I dislocated my bad wrist right before our first service by pulling to hard on the laundry that was stuck in my washer. It sucks not to have cartilage…. I was also promoted to COO and VP of our company, my loftiest title yet. Christmas Eve we had a special service at the Interncontinental Hotel rooftop ballroom overlooking the Plaza, where 90% of the people that said they’d be there didn’t show up, but dozens of people I wasn’t expecting DID. All in all, the year was good. I had less anxiety than I’ve had in several years, partly due to the miracles of modern science. 2011 is looking promising as well.