The Real Racists?

Will the real racists please stand up?

A day doesn’t go by without a news editorial about how anyone who disagrees with Obama does so out of deep racial feelings. I read one recently where the guy claimed people were acting racist even though they weren’t aware they were – it was subconscious.

Are these people serious?

Obama IS the first (partially) black president.

Obama IS NOT the first president to have people vehemently disagree with his policies.

Weren’t the rest of you present the past 8 years while people called W a retard, 9/11 mastermind, terrorist, idiot, etc. etc. etc.?! Were all of the people who called Bush names racist against white people?

Obama could NEVER have been elected if a crapload of white people hadn’t voted for him.

The REST of us white people dislike Obama. And guess what? I feel EXACTLY the same way about Hillary, and John Edwards, and Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. I am against their idiotic policies, not against their color or gender.

Why can’t I disagree with a policy without being labeled (by everyone including Jimmy Carter) as a racist?

Screw you, race-baiting morons.