101 Things About Incredipete

1. I almost dropped out of college.
2. I wanted to be an artist.
3. I had no talent.
4. My art professors told me so.
5. I was engaged to a girl named Melissa.
6. She was my first girlfriend.
7. She was pregnant, but a drunk driver hit her and we lost the baby.
8. I hate him and want to kill him.
9. He lives in Omaha now, so if you see him, let me know.
10. I have a BS in Business & Economics.
11. When I started at the community college, I almost flunked out.
12. When I went to the university, I ended up with a 3.43 GPA.
13. Not bad after having a 0.62 one of my semesters at the community college.
14. I goofed off in high school and was still the salutatorian.
15. The valedictorian never went to college.
16. I payed my way through college and never had a loan, but it took me 8 years.
17. I am a registered Libertarian.
18. I have never tried any illegal drug.
19. I never even saw one till I was 21.
20. I play piano.
21. I play bass.
22. I play guitar.
23. I play drums.
24. I spent several years playing music in churches.
25. The last church I played at has 14,000 members.
26. Wow!
27. I plan to start playing there again next year.
28. I needed a break from everything after I finished my degree.
29. I am starting my MBA in operations in January 2005.
30. I only have 30 hours left to get it.
31. I have been with my current employer since I was 17.
32. I was born May 16, 1978.
33. My dad was a pastor until I was 18.
34. I went to a Christian school.
35. I prefer briefs to boxers.
36. I own a pair of Spongebob boxers.
37. They were a gift.
38. I drive a Dodge Dakota, but plan to get an Intrepid in September.
39. I bought my first new house and moved in April 2nd, 2004.
40. It cost 152, 400$
41. It’s ok, because I got a 5.65% rate.
42. My digital cable costs twice as much as my electricity.
43. That seems messed up to me.
44. I have no credit cards.
45. They are evil, and I lose all self control when I have one.
46. I use my debit card.
47. Sometimes I forget I have to have money in the account.
48. I have a detailed personal budget that goes out 10 years.
49. It even includes variables like raises, utility costs and tax increases.
50. I am a huge nerd.
51. I do data analysis for fun.
52. I also like to go to concerts.
53. The best concert ever was Aerosmith’s 1998 \”Nine Lives\” tour.
54. My ex-fiance’s sister hit on me.
55. She is a bad girl.
56. I have dated people from work.
57. It was a very bad idea.
58. But it was fun while it lasted.
59. I like to eat Velveeta Shells and Cheese.
60. I also like to eat Pizza Rolls.
61. At work, I drink Mountain Dew.
61. At home, I drink Cherry Coke.
62. I don’t know why it worked out that way.
63. During my last 2 years of college, I worked full time and took full loads of classes.
64. I had a nervous breakdown when I got finished.
65. I am an insomniac.
66. That means I watch lots of late night TV.
67. I love The Learning Channel.
68. And The Discovery Channel.
69. And The Travel Channel.
70. My favorite TV shows are West Wing and ER.
71. My favorite old show is MASH.
72. I admit, I like Nick at Night.
73. Especially Green Acres.
74. My favorite comedy movie is The Princess Bride.
75. The sexiest woman on the planet is Tori Amos.
76. Because she has red hair and plays the piano.
77. The second sexiest is Catherine Zeta-Jones.
78. Chicks are confusing!
79. I always put the seat up.
80. I like to make my friends happy.
81. Some people think I’m a pushover.
82. That’s because they don’t appreciate me.
83. I started going bald when I was 16.
84. I shaved my head when I was 20.
85. My first crush was on a girl named Melanie.
86. The crush lasted for 7 years.
87. She got married and moved to Iowa. Now she has 3 kids.
88. I’m sorry I never told her.
89. My best friend in college was a girl named Melanie.
90. What a weird coincidence.
91. I tend to date girls whose names begin with the letter \”M\”
92. I don’t know why.
93. I have 1 brother that’s 20.
94. I have two sisters. One is 29, one is 16.
95. All of us have the same parents.
96. My parents have been married for a long stinking time.
97. When I drink, I get very friendly and happy.
98. I don’t drink anymore.
99. Think about it.
100. Some of the coolest people I know have really low self esteem, and I don’t know why.
101. I am a mix of Scandanavian, Irish, and German.