100 Things About Pete

1. I had a girlfriend in Kindergarten named Jill. She was my last girlfriend till I got to college.

2. I quit drinking alcohol 10 years ago.

3. My first alcoholic drink was in Hawaii when I was 20. They didn’t check my ID.

4. My hair fell out when I was still in high school and I had a combover by my senior year.

5. I didn’t shave my head until I was 22.

6. Yes, that means I had a combover for five years.

7. For most of my childhood I went to a home-based church with about 25 members. And it met in my house.

8. I went to a Christian school and my graduating class had 11 kids.

9. I once hazed my brother so he could join my club. Once he made it in, he realized I was the only member of the club.

10. I was a finalist in a science symposium sponsored by KU and the US Army when I was a senior in high school.

11. My project was so stupid, to this day I can’t figure out why I was selected.

12. While at the symposium, our sponsor from the Christian school rented us a movie that had about 9 sex scenes. I’m not making that up.

13. I have seen virtually all sci-fi and action movies made between 1980 and 2010.

14. Our family of six lived on my mom’s salary as a check-out clerk at the grocery store when my dad quit his job to become a writer.

15. We ate a lot of beenie weenie.

16. Almost my entire life I planned on going to the University of Kansas. Go Jayhawks.

17. I didn’t take one single class at KU.

18. I took 205 hours of college courses. I’m pretty sure that would have equaled a Ph.D. if I’d planned better.

19. My favorite kind of food is Japanese.

20. In 2009, I made more money doing freelance photography than I made at my job.

21. My siblings all moved out of state. They suck.

22. I am paying alimony to my ex, not because she is incapable of work, but because she DIDN’T work the last two years before the divorce.

23. I lost a full-term baby to a drunk driver when I was just 19 years old.

24. Sometime between the time I was 18 and now, I killed off enough of my swimmers that my wife and I had to try IVF.

25. My favorite place to visit is San Diego, CA. 2

6. Two of my long-term girlfriends, I never kissed. I thought kissing was nasty.

27. When I met Nicole, I realized kissing rocks if it’s the right person!

28. I used to be able to get computers to behave just by being in the same room with them. I’ve lost that touch. I must be getting old.

29. I prefer contemporary design. I’m far too lazy to do anything about it, though.

30. I met my wife online. eHarmony works.

31. My favorite vegetable is cauliflower.

32. Even as an adult, the smell and taste of broccoli makes me gag.

33. I work with a full-grown adult who tattles on me on a regular basis.

34. When I was growing up, I was certain I’d be a professional musician.

35. I have been cheated on in every relationship I’ve had thus far, except for my current marriage.

36. I’ve been far to passive about my feelings, wants, needs, and desires for the majority of my life.

37. I don’t feel like I have a right to ask for what I want.

38. I’ve been truly raging angry only two times in my life.

39. Usually I just simmer inside, which is probably why I’m such an anxious person.

40. I used to be a boob man. Then I was a “depends which way she’s walking” man. Now I’m a butt man. I think it’s a sign of maturity.

41. I think there’s nothing sexier on a woman than a smile.

42. I think I’m very smart and I’m frequently reminded that I’m totally wrong.

43. I spend more time on Pinterest than any straight man should spend.

44. I decided when I first saw Nicole that I was going to kiss her at the end of the date, before we sat down and talked.

45. My first time on a roller coaster was Space Mountain and it was because my grandpa lied to me about what it was.

46. I have about 20 pairs of wingtips.

47. I only wear argyle socks.

48. I have 20+ suits but only 2 pairs of jeans (only one of which fits me).

49. I overthink things way too much.

50. If everyone who ever “borrowed” money from me paid me back, I could retire.

51. I naively assume that if I am good to people, they will be good back.

52. Being a dad has been a new found joy in my life.

53. I frequently wonder how a dad could walk out on his kids.

54. I have obstructive sleep apnea.

55. I used to have a heart syncope, but I grew out of it.

56. The baby I lost would have just turned 13 years old.

57. There are four people on the planet that I truly detest. My wife says I should forgive and forget. She’s probably right.

58. It has taken me 34 years to start learning to set boundaries.

59. I’m not stupid. Just foolishly optimistic.

60. I’ve been in 6 churches since I was 18. George McDowell is the best pastor bar none.

61. I am the girl in my relationship. So I’m told.

62. I need glasses to read, but I haven’t worn them in years.

63. The smell of beer is great… the taste, not so much.

64. I can remember long strings of numbers, but I can’t remember anything else.

65. The best part of waking up, is Pepsi in my cup.

66. When I was 23, the Senior VP of HR at my company labeled me Pete the Hatchet.

67. I have a Master’s degree in supply chain management and forecasting. Most people don’t know or care what that is.

68. My IQ is somewhere between 100 and 200.

69. According to the DISC personality assessment, I am high D followed by C. I just don’t see it.

70. I prefer Nikon over Canon, not because of the camera bodies, but because of the optics.

71. At one time, I owned 12 guitars.

72. There isn’t enough persuasive power, begging, or money on the planet to get me to be a worship leader again.

73. I think yellow gold looks tacky and outdated.

74. I am a medical device patent holder.

75. I have fired more than 50 people in my career, and all of them have made me nervous.

76. One time I fired a lady and she told me to watch out, because she has a high-powered rifle and knows how to use it.

77. I was once surrounded by angry union members and threatened, and was only saved by the cops.

78. I worked with a woman at my old job that propositioned me almost daily for 6 years. I never gave in. And no, she wasn’t fat or old.

79. I am frequently tempted to edit my old posts to make them align with my current viewpoints, but I never do it.

80. I will always choose salty over sweet.

81. When I was eight I zipped my manhood up in my shorts and had to go to the hospital.

82. The nurse who looked at it was so nice and understanding, that’s probably why I ended up marrying a nurse.

83. I once put a nail through my hand on accident. It hurt.

84. My eyebrows grow at an alarming rate.

85. If I roll onto my back when I’m asleep, it instantly wakes me up.

86. If I wake up in the night, it takes me an hour or more to go back to sleep.

87. I pee more often than anyone I know, and I don’t have anything wrong with my prostate.

88. Before my first marriage, my ex’s best friend called me and tried to talk me out of it. I sure wish I’d listened to her.

89. The taste of mint makes me gag.

90. For nine years, not a day went by I didn’t think about my lost baby. For the past 3-4, it hardly crosses my mind.

91. I have written more than 433,000 words on this blog. Most books are around 90,000.

92. I like dogs.

93. I’m allergic to cats but I think they’re hilarious.

94. Nicole turned my entire life upside down when we met, and I’ve never been happier.

95. Pessimistic people irritate the bajeezus out of me.

96. Chicken is my preferred form of meat.

97. I never liked the nightlife, and I never liked to boogie.

98. My iTunes has everything from Mozart to Metallica to Garth Brooks to Chaka Khan to Chris Tomin.

99. When I first met Nicole, my “shuffle” setting during my commute played Kenny G’s “Wedding Song” almost daily. I have more than 5,000 songs. I took it as a sign.

100. My BMI is 27.5, which is apparently “overweight” but not “obese.” Suck it, BMI chart.